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Take a look at some of the testimonials and feedback we've received from some of Dan O'Connor's customers

Testimonial 1

Last year's grazing season got off to a very cold, poor start and we opted to feed BreederMaX, which was not the cheapest option. However, the returns it obtained in terms of milk output and subsequent cow fertility were immense which saw 50% of the herd calved in 14 days

Liam O'Brien, Birr, Co. Offaly

Testimonial 2

We used BreederMaX for the first time last year. Despite the very poor start to the grazing season, the cows held body condition and went on to perform extremely well in terms of fertility and milk production. We will definitely be using it again for 2014.

Father and son team John and Donal Coppinger, Athenry, Co Galway

Testimonial 3

I started feeding BreederMax last spring because it contains high levels of beet pulp and maize meal which I believe are very important to an early lactation cow. The excellent performance of teh cows at grass last year and compactness of this year's calving season bear testimony to the results achieved with this excellent product.

Michael Herlihy, Ballinadangan, Co. Cork

Testimonial 4

We always seek to find high quality concentrate to fresh calvers. It's worth paying a few Euro more for a ration that will truly deliver. We fed BreederMaX for the first time last year and as a result, we've never had cows cycling so quickly after calving. We believe it ticks all the boxes in terms of fertility and performance.

John and Eoin Sherlock, Rathcabbin, Co. Tipperary