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BreederMaX 16% or 14%

All of Dan O Connor Feed’s are manufactured in our state of the Art Manufacturing Feed Mill to the highest quality standards set by UFAS.

BreederMaX 16% or 14% is the next generation fertility feed, with a Glucogenic formulation, designed to raise the Insulin and Glucose levels in the cow which increases fertility, designed to enhance the cow’s immune system at a time when she needs it most through elevated levels of Vit E, Selplex Selenium, Bioplex Copper and Zinc.

  • Due to the increased walking distances on most farms we have included Biotin which is a vitamin B which increases the hardness of the hoof and reduces lameness. Most spring calving cows are on a pre-dominantly grass based diet high in Nitrogen, the effect of high Nitrogen Grass has being found to significantly increase Blood and Milk Urea Levels and therefore reduce fertility and also increase embryonic losses.
  • After careful research Dan O Connor Feeds have included De-Oderase® in BreederMaX to ensure all the cows requirements are satisfied at a time when each missed heat costs approximately €250.
  • BreederMaX has delivered unrivalled results for dairy farmers and is the number 1 choice for some of the best farmers. See below some research carried out on De-Oderase®. 
  • A recent trial carried out by research staff at UCD, under the direction of Professor Maurice Boland, has confirmed that the addition of De-Odorase® to dairy cow diets has a significant impact on reproductive performance. Significantly, cows on the feeds including De-Odorase® had much higher conception to first service rates than the control animals: 43% versus 21%. This trend was also reflected in the number of straws required per conception.
  • This figure averaged 1.5 for the cows on the De-Odorase® diet: the equivalent figure for the control group was 2.1 straws. And, finally, the number of days open for cows in the trial group was 91: the comparable figure for the animals in the control group was 103 days.